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In general, the rdfdata.org wiki is the place to suggest new entries and corrections, and the suggestions are removed after being acted upon. But, some discussions there are too good to throw out, so they're added here. Dates show when they were moved to this page.


http://homepage.eircom.net/~cornagill/rdf/dcr.rdf has RDF desribing the relationships between contexts in a common sense knowledge base.

It's interesting, but it has more of an ontology feel to me, being mostly a description of relationships between abstract concepts. If any of these uris were used to describe real-world entities, that would be great.

Ok, thanks.


New site focused on the ontological similarities between ancient Sanskrit Vedic texts (such as Vedanta-sutra) and the non-Aristotelian logic used in Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, certain area of thermodynamics, plasma physics, etc. Site contains articles, community links and has an extensive RDF ontology of Vedic consciousness theory under construction. http://emystics.org

I'd love to see some data to go with that schema! I suggest you submit the schema to http://www.schemaweb.info/submit/SubmitSchema.aspx.

Didn't know if I should add to the head or the tail. Here goes. UNSPSC is the Universal Standard Products and Services Classification and is a very detailed industry & product listing. Vocabulary is over 16,000 terms. http://www.cs.vu.nl/~mcaklein/unspsc/ has 4 versions of the listing 2 in RDF (one with code as id and one with name as id) and 2 in DAML (same two). There is a cautionary note about not being strict XML. I will incoprorate into openvest after I clean them up and consider a couple of minor changes. They even include the perl script to generate them. Thought you might not want to wait before posting as this is a good site.


They look cool, but, being schemas, I think http://www.schemaweb.info is the more appropriate place for them.


You can mine Swoogle (http://swoogle.umbc.edu/) for lots of RDF data. - Tim

I had looked at Swoogle before, and saw interesting information pulled from RDF collections, but the only actual files I can find with it (including with a query of "type:rdf") are small RDFS files. Any suggestions for finding the actual RDF instance files? - thanks, Bob

Swoogle currently has metadata on about 280K document, most of which are RDF or RDFS documents. We currently limit the number of documents we crawl from any given site so our collection is representative and not overwhelmed by, for example, livejournal FOAF files. Plus, we're more interested in 'ontologies' than 'instance files'. That said, fewer than 5K of Swoogle's documents are what we consider to be ontologies, i.e., documents that mostly define terms as opposed to making assertions about individuals.

We've been morphing the interface a lot and there are some gaps in what you can query. However, the underlying database is well organized and has a lot of information on the 280K documents, short of storing all of the triples. I think we can easily generate the URLs of those documents that use rdf/rdfs terms by no owl or daml terms.

-- Tim

I've just done a largish RSS subscription list in RDF/XML that may be useful, about 2300 feeds. In theory at least, all these feeds should contain a large number of items of interest to me - it's intended to be a sample personal list. Details here : http://dannyayers.com/archives/2004/11/04/kilofeed-update/

Note that the linked feeds may be RSS 1.0, Userland RSS, Atom or any ill-formed combination of these...

It would be cool if Bloglines' exported OPML, instead of just saying type="rss", actually said what format each feed came in. Then people interested in accumulating RSS 1.0 could zero in on those feeds.